A Short Sabbatical

I realize that I have been a bit off schedule for the past couple of weeks, and I apologize for that. Beginning today, I will be taking a week or two sabbatical to undergo some back surgery.

Last fall I went out, eager to get into some roosters with my setter Lily. The walking wasn’t difficult, flat with little foliage to plow through. I got perhaps a hundred yards from the truck, and my back felt like it was tied in a knot. I had to rest and then hobble back to the truck. Not long after that I got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. He looked at my preliminary x-rays and said, “Your spine looks like it was used as a chew toy by a pit bull,” adding, “You didn’t get that way by sitting on your ass did you?” I shook my head and he continued, “Well, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you earned it.”

We tried steroid injections and packs, and nothing seems to have touched it. My condition continued to deteriorate at a rapid rate, and for the last six weeks or so it has declined noticeably on a daily basis, hence the decision to have the surgery. I’m pretty sure I’ll be loopy on some painkillers for a few days. Once I get to where I can get around a bit, I’ll be eager to get some field time and hopefully find some good stuff to share with you.

Anyway, that’s where I’ll be beginning Wednesday morning, and it’s also why you won’t be hearing from me for a week or two. This blog has been up for a short time, and the response has been great. Thank you all for your support and prayers, and I can’t wait to get back and spend some time in the field again.

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell began his hunting career with a spear off the southern California coast in the late 1960s. It did not take long for him to graduate to the gun on land. Campbell is the founding editor in chief of the NRA’s tremendously successful Shooting Illustrated magazine. In 2006 he also edited the iconic book of terminal ballistics, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter—A Definitive Study. He returned to his beloved Wyoming in 2007 as a freelance writer, though he usually refers to himself now as a “recovering editor.”
  1. Lee Smith Reply

    I hope the surgery is a complete success, Dave, and that you recuperate from it in good time. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

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