Decision: Failure

slide4-smNote: Although I normally blog on guns and hunting, since this is my website and my blog, I reserve the right to “go off the reservation” when it suits me. Today I am discussing what I believe is a profound cusp of what we once called the United States of America. Indulge me or delete me; at this point I no longer care.

About an hour and half ago I learned of the passing of Associate Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia. Many of us, including me, have innately known that Justice Scalia is one of two Supreme Court justices that serve as the last remaining protective cover for the Constitution of the United States. The other stalwart is Justice Clarence Thomas, who is a relatively young 68 years old. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court is often split 5-4 on its decisions, with Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts both wild cards—their decisions seemingly are based upon their political whims and how they want their legacy perceived. Justice Samuel Alioto has been fairly consistent in interpreting the Constitution, but the remaining justices are hell bent on completing the transformation of the country to a socialistic oligarchy.

Those of us who still revere traditional American values have watched in dejected astonishment the rapid erosion of those values—in fact an open rebuke of them—for at least two decades. We are, I believe, at the cusp of a profound and irreversible transformation of this country. Freedoms and rights that we have taken for granted our entire lives are about to perish forever. America’s great experiment of self-governance is about to be declared an abject and self-inflicted failure.

There is a lot of rancor—read that as a well-known byproduct of cattle raising—regarding this year’s election and the plethora of candidates. I’m not going to mince words: I’m here to tell you that this election doesn’t mean diddly squat. It doesn’t matter who wins or how many Supreme Court justices he or she appoints. The entire foundation of our government is permeated with corruption, and like it or not, that corruption comes directly from we the people. It is we the people who installed the seeds of corruption and because of our own self-absorption with whatever gives us amusement or pleasure for the next 10 minutes; we have reaped this bumper crop of venal dishonesty, fraud, sleaze and exploitation. We have paved the way to our own destruction.

As a devout Evangelical Christian, I know that it is all in God’s hands. His plan will be done, and the end will be far better than any of us can imagine. But I would be disingenuous if I did not admit that the ride to get to His end gives me pause. For those of you who are believers, remember there is no mention of America or the Western Hemisphere anywhere in The Bible.

Non-believers and casual-sort of-yeah-kinda believers can feel free to carry on with your self-amusing prattle about how Trump or Bush or ad nauseum is going to really stick it to the Democrats. Enjoy salivating at the prospects of seeing them squirm and scream as your chosen messiah drones endlessly about how fantastic it’s going to be and how he or she will make America great again. You are in for a very unpleasant epiphany.

No, I have not given up. I will vote. But right now I am going to pray … hard and often.

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell began his hunting career with a spear off the southern California coast in the late 1960s. It did not take long for him to graduate to the gun on land. Campbell is the founding editor in chief of the NRA’s tremendously successful Shooting Illustrated magazine. In 2006 he also edited the iconic book of terminal ballistics, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter—A Definitive Study. He returned to his beloved Wyoming in 2007 as a freelance writer, though he usually refers to himself now as a “recovering editor.”
  1. Jan Clements Reply

    Your last sentence says it all and both underscores God’s sovereignty and our responsibility. Dead on!

  2. Bernie Oliver (TWEP) Reply

    I completely agree, Pard.

  3. Bill Casey Reply


    We are truly in the last days, but we who read our Bibles and believe what it says, know Who is really in control, our job is to praise Him in All things and let Him be Who He is, No Fear!!!

    GBU (old Vietnam vet sign off, meaning God Bless you, and be with you as you trudge through this life’s trials and tribulations, I am with and for you!)

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