Independence Day 2015

Tomorrow it will be 239 years since 56 men stood for their principles; risking their lives by signing the Declaration of Independence. Roll that around in your mind a moment. Imagine leaving your home and traveling a long way to argue and negotiate, then effectively signing your own death warrant in order to be free. Could you do it? Would you do it?

I would argue that today most would not. Too many of us are consumed with our own agenda, our families and ourselves. The majority of Americans are consumed with themselves—a function of the Humanist Manifesto. Those of you not familiar with this document need only to Google or Bing it and read the synopsis. Though considerably complex, it essentially states that we as individuals can determine what is moral or right for ourselves. There are no standards; it all resides within our own consciousness, and we are not accountable to any supreme being.

It would be difficult—I’d say impossible—to deny that we are a fractured nation. Traditional-valued people are at profound odds with those with a Regressive agenda. If you do not know or recognize the Regressives, check out my Preamble. The Regressives, along with the Neo-conservatives and some who lay claim to traditional values, believe that the end justifies the means.

Two things define the Regressive agenda: Disingenuousness and treachery are legitimate means to achieve an end. The other thing is that they—Regressives, Neo-conservatives, Democrats and Republicans—are in an open war with Christianity, Christians and the values we stand for. Those not in lock step with the party are deemed haters and must be banished. Freedom of speech is a threat to the agenda and must be quelled. We admonish and stomp into the ground those whose values are in synch with our founders, yet celebrate or at least ignore those who openly execute the very people who are claiming that we need to accept and tolerate so-called alternative lifestyles that we traditionalists find unacceptable.

I am ashamed to admit that my generation—the Baby Boomers—has screwed the pooch and brought about this schism in the country. It is our self-absorption that provided a perfect environment for the acceptance and worship of the Humanist Manifesto. We eschewed the values that brought us to the dance in order to find—or more accurately define—ourselves from that of previous generations.

The plain truth is that we, as a nation, are being taken over by thugs—people that find it more acceptable to take than produce. Worse yet, we as a people are relishing and honoring these thugs as they openly shake us down for our freedom and treasure. We actually celebrate those who rig the system for their own benefit while demeaning those who hold to traditional values—values, by the way, that made us the most freest and prosperous country that has ever existed.

Happy Independence Day.

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell began his hunting career with a spear off the southern California coast in the late 1960s. It did not take long for him to graduate to the gun on land. Campbell is the founding editor in chief of the NRA’s tremendously successful Shooting Illustrated magazine. In 2006 he also edited the iconic book of terminal ballistics, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter—A Definitive Study. He returned to his beloved Wyoming in 2007 as a freelance writer, though he usually refers to himself now as a “recovering editor.”

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