I Believe

In order for readers of these diatribes of mine to better understand where I come from, I list here my core beliefs. These beliefs serve as a foundation for my outlook and opinions. I do not expect anyone to necessarily agree with them. In fact, I don’t really care whether you agree with them or not. I present them in order for the reader to gain a context from the rest of my rants. Those readers with an IQ greater than Arctic seawater temperature will have a better understanding of my viewpoints. Those readers who are consumed with themselves will undoubtedly distort my viewpoints to fit their own Humanist Manifesto agenda. These people should pray—however Godless people do that is beyond me—that we never cross paths on some lonesome Wyoming prairie. Therefore:

  1. I believe in one God, maker of Heaven and Earth, and that his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, is my Savior. Furthermore, although I, and every other soul that inhabits this Earth is flawed and has sinned, our Savior has paid for my sins with his blood upon the Cross, and those who truly believe in Him will be forgiven as well.
  2. I believe that government—by its very nature—is inherently evil. It produces not one single product or service to enrich people’s lives that could not be done through the private sector more efficiently; its only source of revenue and power is that which it confiscates under the duress of imprisonment or death from the very people it is supposed to protect. And because of this, it promotes and nurtures a culture of corruption from the most evil within its domain. Government, in fact, is much like fire—a dangerous and unreliable slave, or a sadistic and malevolent master. That said, government is a necessary evil because of its ability—when properly controlled—to protect its people from evil. It is for this very reason that government must be scrupulously overseen and limited by its people, for when the citizenry become careless and lazy, the evildoers residing within its borders will seize the opportunity to rise and take it over; enslaving the very people government should be serving.
  3.  I believe that the Constitution of the United States is a contract between the citizens of the United States and the government. It basically says, “We the people of the United States agree to be governed by a government that recognizes and respects the following rights (Bill of Rights) and operates under these parameters (Articles I through VII).” And as with any contract, when one party breaches the contract, it becomes null and void. If a member of the populace breaches the contract (commits a crime) he forfeits his freedom and occasionally his life. When the government breaches the contract, we the people are no longer obliged to submit to the government’s demands against our freedom and wealth.
  4. I believe that people are their own best stewards, and because of that there will always be those who succeed and those who will fail. Said differently, there will always be rich people, and there will always be poor people. “Rich” and “poor” do not simply mean wealth and impoverishment in terms of money. A person’s wealth is more a function of their character and integrity. Money is merely a method of measurement and a seriously flawed one at that.
  5. I believe that much of this country has been subverted to pursue the notion that the only way to get rich is through the big shakedown. These hustlers—Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (referring to either of these two bastards as “reverend” is blasphemous), Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow…the list is virtually endless—are not enlightened people trying to fight the good fight for the downtrodden. Rather, they are either profoundly stupid people pining for a return to the 1960s and a quasi-Berkley lifestyle (Lenin referred to them as “useful idiots”), or—more likely—they are malevolent people who seek their fortune and power at the expense of others. They call themselves “Progressive”—a self-anointed euphemism designed to soften the impact of their true agenda—when they really are Regressive and pursue the notion of a feudalistic society where they, and they alone, decide who gets what they deserve.
  6. I believe that Political Correctness (PC) is a nefarious and deadly virus to society, brought about by those whose intentions are to destroy that society by, in part, taking over and controlling the language. People who promote this PC crap should be publicly flogged.
  7. I believe that there are more good people than evil people. The problem often is that good people are so busy living their lives accordingly and looking out for themselves and their families, that they do not see the influx and influence of evil people into their lives until it is too late. And too often this corrupts an otherwise good person. This has happened to me, and I am extremely fortunate and thankful that I finally saw this profound error in my character and continue to work diligently to correct it.
  8. I believe that “global warming,” “climate change” or any other euphemism contrived by the Regressives regarding climate is nothing more than pure bovine residue. Their claim that “all the scientists agree” is equally vacuous. The only scientists that agree with this silly notion are those frenetically seeking another grant (somebody else’s money) so they can wander around in their own subsidized scientific fog and not have to find a real job. The morons who continue to propagate this crap are the ones whose goal in life is to shakedown the middle class of America and force them into serfdom.

Since I make my living using and writing about guns, let me put forth some self-evident truths:

  1. I believe that guns—as wonderful and beautiful as they often can be—are nothing more than a somewhat sophisticated rock-throwing device. Bullets are nothing more than rocks we mine from the ground, beat into a useful shape to be launched by a contraption to deliver a blow at some distance. No particular caliber, cartridge or launching platform is magical. That said, there are certain cartridges and platforms that have proven themselves on the battlefield, the streets and/or hunting fields to be more efficient. Effectiveness of a cartridge, bullet or firearm is primarily a function of the “nut behind the trigger”—the shooter. A cool and deliberate shot can successfully defend himself (and others) or take down a game animal efficiently with cartridges and bullets that others will disdain as too weak. Conversely, an idiot can just as easily lose a gunfight with a tricked out 1911 or a piston-driven AR, or he can crease a buck in the ass with a .375 H&H and lose it.
  2. I believe that a so-called pocket pistol is only of value if it can be deployed from within the pocket of a coat or shirt, and furthermore that if a person might need a second or third shot from said pocket pistol, it had better be a revolver since semi-autos will not have enough space to operate their mechanisms within most clothing pockets.
  3. I believe that any handgun worth carrying—be it for self-defense or hunting—should be chambered for a cartridge that starts with .4, the exception being of a .357 Magnum for pocket pistols. Cartridges like the .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9mm in any form may be interesting to play with occasionally, but when my life is on the line, I want a .44 Special (with my handload), .45 Colt or a .45 ACP. The .40 S&W is simply a redundant annoyance if a .45 ACP is available.
  4. I believe that there isn’t a deer, elk or moose that gets hit in the vitals with a (take your pick or add to this list) .223 Remington, .257 Roberts, .270 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .30-30 WCF, .30-06, ad nauseum, will simply shake it off and walk away saying, “Thank God it wasn’t one of those big magnums! If it were, I’d be hooves up!” A properly constructed bullet put in the heart/lung area of any creature will result in a punched-out tag. That said, if it makes your heart go pitter-patter to kill a 90-pound deer with a .458 Magnum, have at it. It’s your shoulder.

—Dave Campbell