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This story is about 3 years old, but since my blog was not accepted by the NRA at the time, I still would like to share it.

Milwaukee, WI, police were called to Froedtert Hospital to interview one Otis Lockett, who was being treated for a gunshot wound to his…ummm…well…junk. Mr. Lockett told the interviewing officer that an unknown assailant came up behind him and shot him in the groin, perforating his tallywhacker twice. Hospital workers reported that the wounds to Mr. Lockett were at a downward angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Officers suspected that Mr. Lockett accidently shot himself, and since he is a convicted felon on probation, that would make the 27 year old subject arrest for illegally possessing a firearm. Detective Gena Malanche filed a search warrant to have jail personnel remove the bandages and photograph the area of the alleged assault. Malanche offered in her filing that pictures of the injury would offer proof that Mr. Lockett had, indeed, been a felon in possession of a firearm.

Court Commissioner Barry Phillips approved the warrant authorizing police to “photograph the penis of Otis Lockett for analysis by the proper authorities.” You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell began his hunting career with a spear off the southern California coast in the late 1960s. It did not take long for him to graduate to the gun on land. Campbell is the founding editor in chief of the NRA’s tremendously successful Shooting Illustrated magazine. In 2006 he also edited the iconic book of terminal ballistics, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter—A Definitive Study. He returned to his beloved Wyoming in 2007 as a freelance writer, though he usually refers to himself now as a “recovering editor.”
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    Thank you for not showing us any other portions of Mr. Lockett’s anatomy.

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